Ben Phillips @ TA1 Performance Coaching
Ben Phillips @ TA1 Performance Coaching


There's always something exciting going on at TA1 Performance Coaching!

Every Saturday 8-9am 

£75 for a 10 week block

My signature bootcamps provide strength training, cardiovascular fitness, abdominal work and boxing to give you the complete workout experience. All ages and abilities are welcome.


Benny's Boot Camp
75.00 GBP

24 hour cancellation policy applies or a session will be forfeited.

Alpha Fitness

Every Saturday 9-10am

£75 for 10 week block

Specialised bootcamps focusing on strength and conditioning.

For men of all ages and abilities.

Alpha Fitness
75.00 GBP

24 hour cancellation policy applies or a session will be forfeited.

Every Wednesday Evening

7-8PM £10 per week

Advanced booking required

Ladies Only Summer Strength Session

Small group, gym based weight                             training 


Ladies Summer Strength Session
10.00 GBP

24 hour cancellation policy applies or you will be charged for the session.

Fitness in the Workplace


Why choose Fitness in the Workplace?

  • Empowering employee’s health as a priority for their wellbeing. Staff feel valued by their employer as they feel their health needs are being addressed and supported.
  • Improve mobility to reduce musculoskeletal problems such as back pain. This is associated with sedentary working environments so it’s vital to be aware of posture if you’re sitting for long periods.
  • Body balance to prevent movement dysfunction. Dysfunction can lead to injury and therefore time off work.
  • Moving more and sitting less. How movement can support stress management which improves staff morale.
  • Promote team building to support employee’s confidence and work productivity.
  • Exercise produces endorphins which boosts concentration, motivation and sleep quality.



Fitness at work

  • Bespoke training sessions tailored to meet the employer’s and employee’s needs.
  • Mobility focused warm ups.
  • Core strength and back care.
  • Strength focus using bodyweight.
  • Movement drills and games.
  • Circuit style boot camp – boxing, agility.


Fees are charged per hour

Contact me

Ben Phillips

TA1 Performance Coaching



Taunton Vale Sports Club

Gypsy Lane





Ex cricket              professional            Personal trainer      ECB Level 3            Cricket Coach


  • 20 years playing professional Cricket
  • ECB Level 3 Cricket Coach
  • NASM CES PES CPT Level 3 Personal Training Qualified
  • UKSCA and SAQ trained
  • Safeguarding
  • First aid 
  • Defibrillator trained
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